Monday, June 22, 2009

Picture of the Week, my dad.

This picture was taken last week when my dad & sister were both at my house. I can't remember the last time we were together before this. It was such a blessing to me.

Thank you dad for all your love & support, you have ALWAYS been there for me, through the good & bad times. I learned so much about unconditional love, generosity, and comittment from you. One day could never be enough to honor you and tell you how much I appreciate you.

Happy Father's Day, I love you.

Happy Father's Day

I'm a day late, but I still wanted to honor my awesome husband on this day. When Kaley was a baby I came up with a saying that I think describes him pretty well. He was always the "E" ticket ride dad. Some of you might remember when you went to Disneyworld and had to buy and use tickets to go on rides. Of course, the fewest tickets you received in the book were "E" tickets, and unfortunately, the best rides required the coveted "E" tickets. Well, that's my hubby. He was always the best ride. It used to make me mad sometimes, bacause I was the mom, and had to do all the not-so-fun stuff while he got to have all the fun. That's probably still the way it is today, ha. But, I'm so thankful that he always took the time to be that dad. He is the MOST unselfish person I know and would do ANYTHING for his family. He has worked hard to provide for us, which sometimes meant he had to miss out, but I assure you, our children have never felt like they ever missed out. He always gives them his undivided attention and is their biggest fan. Now we have the privilege of parenting adults, certainly makes all those hard years worth it.

Patrick, thank you so much for the love, laughs, tears, and for being such a Godly example to our children.

Happy Father's Day, I love you.